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  • Transforming travel into a seamless experience
  • Transforming travel into a seamless experience
    Benjamin Horn, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Whim: an all-inclusive public transport service

With two-thirds of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, it’s a good job there are more ways to get around than ever. But Whim is the first service to pull them all into one place – letting users find and pay for the best combination of options for any journey in a single app.

Location Finland

“As a city-dweller, I want to take the best possible shortcuts for any given trip, and I want a single app for that,” says Jonathan Hampson, UK general manager of Zipcar. “I’m very interested in who is going to bring together all of these transport and mapping services in a really holistic way, so that I don’t need to have ten apps on my phone. That kind of convenience is, I think, the holy grail.” [1]

In Helsinki, Whim is that holy grail – an all-inclusive mobility service that combines access to all of the ...



  • Brits are public transport snobs

    Brits are public transport snobs

    Getting the bus isn't so bad, is it? Actually, Brits beg to differ. According to a new study, they're a nation of public transport snobs – 87% wouldn’t switch to the bus, even if it was made free of charge. Because environmental benefits aside, public transport is neither convenient or cost-effective enough.

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    How are generation rent driving?

    After much difficulty for the industry in the wake of the recession, new car sales have been steadily rising since 2012. Yet a growing number of Gen Yers are no longer buying cars outright, leasing them instead. Why are Personal Contract Purchases taking off? And are they here to stay?

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    Clutch: drive a different car every day

    Americans are holding on to their cars for longer than ever, with the average age of vehicles on US roads reaching 11.5 years. But people’s lives can change dramatically in that time. Offering a flexible alternative to ownership or renting, Clutch lets people pick the perfect car for any occasion.

  • Zipabout eases your commute

    Zipabout eases your commute

    Citymapper and Google Maps are all well and good, but Zipabout goes one better. It combines information about service updates, weather and even social media updates on your daily commute. It also promises to help transport companies manage congestion and disruption to services.