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  • Because health and flavour shouldn’t be mutually exclusive
  • Because health and flavour shouldn’t be mutually exclusive
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UnReal: low-calorie candy that satisfies a sweet tooth

Why do the things we love to eat have to be so bad for us? UnReal is on a mission to transform candy, reinventing America's iconic treats with a healthy twist and up to 40% less sugar per serving. But with consumers moving away from restrictive eating habits, do people want clean confectionery?

Location United States

Red cabbage juice and quinoa may not sound tasty enough to rival a Mars bar, but UnReal, the ‘unjunked’ food company, aims to make candy options that are both great-tasting and good for you. [1] Each product is made from non-GMO ingredients, with no gluten, artificial colouring or preservatives, promising a healthier alternative to America’s favourite sweet treats. [2]

The company swaps out processed ingredients for more natural substitutes – artificial colouring is replaced with carrots and beets, biscuits with quinoa – to create 100% real candy with up to 40% less sugar ...



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