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  • What’s got businesses speaking up about citizenship?
  • What’s got businesses speaking up about citizenship?
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2017 Expert Outlook on Citizenship

Is sustainability becoming a mainstream value? How will we achieve zero waste? And how are women leading the charity charge? In the first part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three Citizenship experts about the relationships people and brands have with broader society.

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In the Citizenship chapter of our Expert Outlook 2017, Canvas8 speaks to Clare Brass, co-director of Department 22 and SEED Foundation, Susan Phillips, author of the Routledge Guide to Philanthropy, and Amy Fetzer, author, sustainability consultant, and head of research and analysis of Footprint Media Group.





  • Article image Are charities ready for the future of giving?

    With only one in ten Brits donating through an app, and under half of those who interact with charities via social media going on to give money, the digital revolution has had a limited impact on fundraising. How can charities adapt to better accommodate the ways people behave and spend online?

  • Article image What does ‘ethical’ mean to you?

    Whether they’re after free range eggs or fair trade fashion, 65% of Brits want brands to do good. But putting these beliefs into practice is no small feat; just 11% exclusively buy from ethical brands. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British men and women to find out what being ethical means to them.

  • Article image Donate today! The science of giving

    We feel good when we give. Whether it’s time, money or skills, it doesn’t matter – we’ve all felt it. But helping a neighbour with some heavy lifting feels different to donating money to a foreign charity. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Lara Aknin to understand what makes us feel good about giving.

  • Article image Zero Wasters: women on a mission to recycle

    Zero Waste as a movement is not embodied by festivals, websites or organisations, but by bloggers and YouTubers who have a collective desire for polished beauty and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. How are these extremely eco-conscious consumers minimising their impact on the planet?