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  • People are prioritising provenance
  • People are prioritising provenance
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Is organic still a must-have label?

After slumping during the recession, sales of organic food, fashion and beauty are on the up again, tapping into a consumer desire for authenticity and transparency. But what does the term ‘organic’ actually mean to consumers? And where do the opportunities lie for businesses?

Location United Kingdom

After slumping during the recession, organic is on the up again, tapping into a consumer desire for authenticity and transparency. From groceries and textiles to health and beauty, a report from the Soil Association revealed that the British organic sector grew 4.9% in 2015, reaching a value of £1.95 billion. [1]

While organic produce sales are increasing steadily, other areas have seen rapid growth; organic catering has seen a rise of 15.2%, health and beauty sales have risen by 21.6%, and textiles by 16%. [2][1] But what’s driving this market expansion? What does organic ...



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    What does ‘ethical’ mean to you?

    Whether they’re after free range eggs or fair trade fashion, 65% of Brits want brands to do good. But putting these beliefs into practice is no small feat; just 11% exclusively buy from ethical brands. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British men and women to find out what being ethical means to them.

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    Happy Family: clean food for messy eaters

    From picking the right manufacturer to finding a product with the right ingredients, feeding infants can be stressful – and that’s before the mess of mealtimes. Organic brand Happy Family wants to make nutrition easier for parents, but what do mums and dads expect from baby food?

  • Organic health and beauty products boom in the UK

    Organic health and beauty products boom in the UK

    Increasingly urbanised locations mean increasingly toxic environments for our skin. In the UK, more and more people are going organic in response. Combined with the renewed interest in wellness, sales of organic health and beauty products in Britain were up 21.6% over 2015.

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    Dr. Organic Snail Gel: beauty with the ‘ewww’ factor

    The sight of a snail is often met with disgust, with many considering the slimy-skinned molluscs to be pretty gross. So imagine putting some on your face and letting them roam around. Disgusting? Mad? It’s actually a new beauty treatment gaining supporters across the UK.