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  • What’s the impact of having a silent social media presence?
  • What’s the impact of having a silent social media presence?
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Don’t double tap! The science of lurking

At some point, most people will have found themselves looking through someone's Instagram feed without commenting or engaging with it. Canvas8 spoke with Ruoxu Wang, Fan Yang and Michel M. Haigh, authors of ‘Let me take a selfie’, to understand how lurking affects our self-esteem.

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It’s estimated that a million selfies are snapped every day, and that the average Gen Yer will take 25,700 of them in their lifetime. They’re used for everything from promoting social movements to building brand recognition to simply fulfilling a need for social approval. But looking through these posts without actively engaging – better known as lurking – is also a popular pastime. In fact, it’s thought that up to 90% of social media users enjoy a good lurk.

What does this behaviour mean for our mental wellness? Previous research has suggested that ...



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