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  • Plan your perfect holiday with Google
  • Plan your perfect holiday with Google
    Leo Hidalgo, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Google Trips: an app that organises your wanderlust

From Airbnb to TripAdvisor, digital tools have changed the way we plan holidays. Now, instead of relying on a guidebook, you can use Google Trips to build customisable plans to explore your destination. Is this the pocket pal that the new generation of travellers has been yearning for?

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You’ve arrived at your holiday destination after months of planning, but an impromptu storm has ruined your day plans. And while you’d usually just Google things to do, roaming charges will cost you a bomb. Google Trips is an app that’s designed to circumvent this problem. Just tap to download your trip before you take off, and you’re set for all the things to do, places to see and food to indulge in by the time you land.

Instead of relying on a travel guidebook or unreliable online reviews, it enables globetrotters to build customisable trips to explore their ...



  • Article image Virgin America App: a travel agent in your pocket

    Brick-and-mortar travel agents were among the first casualties of the internet age. But considering the stress involved in finding the right seat for the best price, the old ways of arranging a trip now seem simple. With its new app, Virgin America aims to make booking flights as easy as it once was.

  • Airbnb is offering more than a place to stay Airbnb is offering more than a place to stay

    Airbnb has become the go-to service for travellers looking to rent a room on the cheap. And now, with the relaunch of its app, it's looking to expand its offering beyond accommodation to provide a range of travel services, putting personalisation at the heart of its product.

  • Article image How do we shop for a holiday?

    As travellers, we’re now more savvy and time-precious than ever before. We love short city breaks more than two weeks in the sun and prefer living like a local to holing up in hotels. Our holiday habits have changed dramatically, but how has our approach to booking a vacation shifted?

  • Article image Are we all digital cosmopolitans?

    Gone are the days where intrepid travellers would touch down on foreign soil without having any clue how to get around. In today's hyperconnected world, travellers are able to thoroughly research, itemise and plan their holidays on a level that's never before been possible.