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  • How do Gen Yers kick back?
  • How do Gen Yers kick back?
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UK Gen Y on Leisure

Gen Yers are renowned experience hunters. Whether it’s their penchant for a fancy brunch or their desire to explore the world like a local, they’re known for making their free time count. But are they really so enriched? Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out.

Location United Kingdom

Gen Yers are renowned experience hunters. Whether they’re setting off for Glastonbury, jetting off to explore another continent (like a local, of course), or staying close to home to fuel the renaissance of brunch or the rise of immersive dining, 78% of this group prefer experiences to possessions. [1]

They’re even delaying the responsibilities of adulthood – homeownership, marriage, kids – to ensure they’ve gathered as many experiences as possible before they settle down. On a global scale, they prioritise travelling over buying a house or paying off debt. [2] “They’re very ...



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    Camp No Counselors: grown-ups overrun kids’ retreats

    Summer camp is a quintessentially American experience, forging memories of paddling canoes, swimming in lakes and endless campfires for those that went. Camp No Counselors is bringing back that summer feeling by letting adults overrun kids’ retreats, but what’s driving grown-ups back to camp?

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    H&M Loves Coachella: fashioning a branded experience

    Not all festivals are about rocking up wearing your least-loved shoes in preparation for the mud. And increasingly, organisers are pushing harder to turn festivals into lifestyle events. This couldn’t be truer for California-based Coachella, and a collaboration with H&M is emphasising this shift.

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    Why do people go to music festivals?

    Every year, more than 6 million people attend live music events in the UK. Festivals are no longer about peace, love and LSD – they're commercial success stories. But have they kept any of their rebellious spirit, or are they just Instagram islands where anything goes?

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    Is staying in really the new going out?

    Clubs and pubs in the UK are closing, and young people are drinking less than ever. A lack of money, advances in technology and a need for exclusivity have changed the party scene. But has staying in really become the new going out?