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  • A placement for post-toddler mums
  • A placement for post-toddler mums
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The Enternship: helping women get back into work

The PR industry favours the young, but often requires employees to work past retirement age. Knowing that it may be hard to find your place if you’re not part of Gen Y, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is offering a new internship to women over 40. But is age really just a number?

Location United States

Tired of companies continuously underestimating the skills that Gen X and Boomers hold, Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan of New York-based PR firm Wunderlich Kaplan Communications (WKC) have set out to level the playing field. Through a four-week programme, women over 40 are able to take part in an internship that teaches valuable PR and communications skills. It’s ensuring that older generations can catch up with tech-savvy Gen Yers by teaching them how to use social media and getting them up to speed on topics such as blogging and vlogging. [1]





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