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  • Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep?
  • Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep?
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Lunya: luxury pyjamas that improve your sleep

The rise of athleisure has prompted brands to make comfortable clothing that’s fashionable as well as functional. Santa Monica-based Lunya is now shaking up the sleepwear market in a similar manner, offering stylish pyjamas and loungewear that work to improve the wearer’s slumber.

Location United States

The rise of athleisure has seen trainers outsell high heels for the first time, while jeans are being updated to better compete with yoga pants. But while the demand for comfort is strong, people don’t want to compromise on aesthetics. As the fashion industry continues its efforts to keep up, one seemingly boring category is now going through an exciting shake-up – sleepwear.

Merging the worlds of activewear and sleepwear, Santa Monica-based Lunya offers up luxurious night-time clothing that not only caters to the fashion-conscious, but also works to improve the wearer’s ...



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