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  • Navigate the art world like an insider on your phone
  • Navigate the art world like an insider on your phone
    Jon Gurinsky, Creative Commons (2015) ©

UBS Planet Art: art trends at the touch of a button

The art world is famously opaque; to outsiders, the value of masterpieces can rise and fall seemingly at a whim. But with collector interest growing worldwide, banks are now looking to make investing in this market easier. How is UBS’ Planet Art app helping to make the industry more accessible?

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Vast sums of money and corporate interest have long been hallmarks of the elite art world. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that Art Basel chose to collaborate with Swiss financial giant UBS to create a new app for the sector. UBS Planet Art, designed by Razorfish, aims to improve transparency, trust and art knowledge for a growing pool of collectors. It will provide quick access to the most relevant market data available, and UBS also plans to launch an annual global market report focusing on macroeconomic art trends. [1]





  • Art collectors are buying online

    Art collectors are buying online

    Art buying no longer just happens by raising a paddle or starting up a long chat with a gallery dealer. These days, collectors are sussing out their favourite pieces online and, thanks to new middlemen, can seal the deal without ever setting foot in the gallery district.

  • Art Basel Cities grows new cultural capitals

    Art Basel Cities grows new cultural capitals

    Now valued at $63.8 billion, the global art market is booming. Its biggest trade show, Art Basel, has transformed the cities of Basel and Miami into global cultural capitals. It's now setting its sights farther afield, with the Art Basel Cities project aiming to give smaller cities the Basel treatment.

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    Ellevest: closing the gender investment gap

    Nine in ten women will have to manage their own finances at some point in their lives, yet many of them are underinvested. Ellevest is a female-only platform that aims to change that, using long-term goals rather than short-term wins to overhaul an industry that’s largely oriented towards men.

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    Romero Britto: art for the Brazilian masses

    In 2014, seven of the 20 most visited exhibitions across the world took place in Brazil, with one artist towering over the rest. Despised by scholars and critics, how does Romero Britto sell art worth over $50 million a year? And why do Brazilians love his colourful imagery so much?