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  • What female friendship looks like online
  • What female friendship looks like online
    Steven Guzzardi, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Girls’ Night In: an online secret sorority

Girls’ Night in is a members-only Facebook group for LA’s hottest and coolest women, who whisper and giggle between themselves. And while its ranks are small by internet metrics, these women are highly engaged. So what’s got them sharing their deepest secrets with 1,500 friends they’ve never met?

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Relationships and friendships that are formed online were one of the great taboos of the early internet era. Whether it was the creeps that lurked in murky chatrooms, or the undateables that populated online matchmaking services, the act of connecting with a stranger online was shrouded in shame and discomfort.

How times have changed. Today, 57% of teens have made new friends online, and only 20% have met one of those friends in person – suggesting that making friends that you never intend to meet face-to-face is also increasingly acceptable. [1] And in 2011, 10% of ...



  • Article image Would you want to chat to a brand on WhatsApp?

    Private messaging is an ideal medium to do the obvious – open a dialogue and conduct a conversation. In fact, 59% of all US social sharing now occurs in private channels. But while people are happy to chat to their mates on platforms like Facebook Messenger, how can brands get involved?

  • Squad is Tinder for finding friends Squad is Tinder for finding friends

    If you’re looking to expand your entourage for a big night out, Squad is your go-to app. With a swiping, matchmaking interface Tinder users will be familiar with, Squad helps groups of friends discover like-minded individuals and merge their 'squads' to meet new people on-the-go.

  • Article image Why do people become members?

    As people spend less time in traditional communities, they’re seeking connections beyond religion and family. Memberships with organisations or brands can create loyalty and boost revenues, but the reasons to join Scientology or Sainsbury’s are vastly different. So why do people become members?

  • Article image #squadgoals: when your social group becomes a status symbol

    Raised online, Gens Y and Z expertly craft virtual identities that reflect and enhance their offline lives. And increasingly, friends – or ‘squads’ – are a part of that image. As the hashtag of the moment, what does #squadgoals say about the way digital natives form and maintain friendships?