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  • Do emotions really trump facts?
  • Do emotions really trump facts?
    Michael Vadon, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Why do emotions trump facts?

If Faisal Islam, Ralph Keyes and the New York Times are to be believed, the Trump candidacy and the vote for Brexit show we've entered a post-truth era – a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. But is it true? And do emotional appeals really trump facts and figures?

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If journalists like Faisal Islam, commentators such as Ralph Keyes, and news sources with the reputation of The New York Times are to be believed, we have entered the post-truth era. The rise of Donald Trump, they say, and the vote for Brexit, show we now live in a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. It’s a place where public opinion and government policy will be shaped by those whose words provoke the most hysteria.

But is this true? Do appeals to emotion really trump the facts and figures of trained experts? And if ...



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    Hillary 2016: a political campaign that comes to you

    In the US, there’s a huge gap between the number of eligible voters and those that actually make themselves heard on election day; around 93 million Americans didn’t cast their ballot in 2012. How has Hillary Clinton’s campaign harnessed digital platforms to engage people and get out the vote?

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    Is sadness society's unsung hero?

    As male depression gains broader public attention and young women adopt a ‘sad aesthetic’ online, brands are being challenged to consider how they communicate to an emotionally charged society. How can they help people in their quest for inner happiness and free expression?

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    Have Boomers really ruined everything?

    When the UK voted to leave the EU, Gen Yers were aghast. Social media was awash with ageist comments, adding to the perception that Boomers had apparently ruined everything – the economy, Europe, cohesion, even gardening. But are they really to blame? And how does this blame culture affect them?

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    Who cares what critics think?

    As professional critics lament their ebbing influence on consumers who increasingly rely on the opinions of online peers, the question is being raised of whether top-down reviewers matter anymore. Are crowdsourced reviews – a sort of ‘online word of mouth’ – the only currency that counts?