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  • Tackling transphobia through manicures
  • Tackling transphobia through manicures
    Joanna Kiely (2016) ©

Charlie Craggs: making trans allies over nails and natter

While celebrities and brands are championing trans issues in the public eye, fear and discrimination are still prevalent in the lives of many transgender individuals. Through her project Nail Transphobia, Charlie Craggs is fighting prejudice through free manicures and a friendly chat.

Location United Kingdom

Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement of her trans identity in 2015 brought transgenderism into the public eye, sparking widespread discussion and a push for society to address the bias and stigma faced by the community. [1] With trans issues taking centre stage, brands like Google, Dove and Clean & Clear have moved to address this group through both specific campaigns and more open approaches to gender representation. [2][3][4]

But discussion of what it means to be transgender today brings up a polarising divide – on one end of the ...



  • America is divided when it comes to LGBTQ rights America is divided when it comes to LGBTQ rights

    In the US, high-profile debates over LGBTQ rights are highlighting a national state of uncertainty. With new research showing that the split between acceptance and discrimination is practically 50/50, there's an opportunity for brands to take a stance and make a real difference.

  • Talking can really reduce prejudice Talking can really reduce prejudice

    Door-to-door canvassers are broadly considered an irritation, but research shows they could feed genuine social change. In a new study, ten-minute conversations with people on their doorsteps spurred a greater drop in transphobia among participants than in US homophobia between 1998 and 2012.

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