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  • Work and play spaces are sharing design inspiration
  • Work and play spaces are sharing design inspiration
    Janssem Cardoso, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Why homes and offices are starting to look alike

Major apps are being redesigned to create a unified mobile experience – and a similar process is taking place in the physical world too. In the second of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at how the Airspace aesthetic is blending work, home and leisure environments from Sydney to Silicon Valley.

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Picture yourself walking into a room. It’s spacious and airy, with white walls and tasteful, heritage furniture. Natural light floods in from large windows, exposed Edison bulbs dangle from the ceiling in an industrial-chic twist, and the floors are smooth concrete or hardwood, depending on your preference. Are you at work, at home, or at your favourite café? You’re in Airspace – an increasingly ubiquitous design trend that has all our interiors looking the same.

The proliferation of Airspace coincides with the rise of the global nomad – a new breed of business traveller who’s ditched any idea of ...



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    Why are apps starting to look the same?

    The clamour of modern urban life – in both the physical and digital worlds – can sometimes be overwhelming. In the first of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at how complexion reduction is seeing apps redesigned with bold headers, simple icons and reduced colour for a unified mobile experience.

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    What’s the appeal of a shoppable apartment?

    As e-commerce and brick-and-mortar begin to settle into a comfortable co-existence, a new retail format is beginning to emerge, blending the best of both worlds in experiential spaces that are neither store nor home. But why are digital-first labels deciding to go offline at all?

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    How coworking is disrupting office culture

    Dissatisfied with rigid corporate structure, a growing number of people are opting to be self-employed; freelancers are set to make up 40% of the US workforce by 2020. Many independent workers are being drawn to coworking spaces in cities, but what’s the appeal of these communal offices?

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    What do we want from a store?

    Has e-commerce killed the high street? Online sales are rising, but 70% of UK students still prefer brick-and-mortar stores. The issue is confused. In an attempt to crack it, we sat down with retail expert John Ryan to ask how and why stores can retain their custom.