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  • Minority media takes on the mainstream
  • Minority media takes on the mainstream
    William Murphy, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Gal-Dem: a digital zine for young women of colour

In the digital age, being part of a minority group no longer has to mean feeling alone; a range of online platforms are letting people connect through their ethnic and cultural identities. Gal-Dem takes key talking points for young women of colour and provides a space in which they can be discussed.

Location United Kingdom

In the digital age, being part of a minority group no longer has to mean feeling alone. Instead, people can connect to each other through an online world that’s not limited by geography. Sharing common interests and opinions is easy, and virtual communities are helping to support physical communities, strengthening social groups.

A wave of publications are now opening the door for young women of colour to discuss their ethnic and cultural identities while engaging with broader, more universal topics. How is the burqini ban threatening freedom of expression?How is the Olympics highlighting the dehumanisation ...



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    WhoHaha: a digital stage for funny females

    Women in comedy have long been overshadowed by their male counterparts on TV, in films and, more recently, in the world of online humour. Can WhoHaha, an online portal founded by actor and director Elizabeth Banks, get girls giggling with material made by their fellow females?

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    The Flama: BuzzFeed for Latino Gen Yers

    A new generation of Latino Gen Yers want lifestyle content that reflects who they are and how they live. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is now looking to provide them with exactly that, launching The Flama to empower the Hispanic community and challenge cultural stereotypes.

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    The Shade Room: celebrity gossip for Gens Y and Z

    The Shade Room is the first celebrity news tabloid to launch as an Instagram account – a fitting platform for a generation seeking content that's 24/7, on-the-go, highly visual and bottom-up. It's celebrity gossip done by, and for, Gens Y and Z, targeted specifically at young, black audiences.

  • 'Art hoes' are politicising the selfie

    'Art hoes' are politicising the selfie

    ‘Art hoe’ isn’t an insult, it’s a movement. Started on Tumblr and Instagram, the term was embraced by a group of women using selfies and visual art creatively as a way of reclaiming black female identity as one that encompasses sensitivity, intellect and artistic vision.