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  • Technology is far from a man’s world
  • Technology is far from a man’s world
    Franck Michel, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Are technology brands sexist?

Technology for women has transcended the early years of 'shrinking and pinking' – and just as well, given that women are, in many ways, more prevalent tech consumers than men. But with just 41% actively agreeing that technology caters to their needs, how is tech evolving to appeal to both genders?

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When Computer Engineer Barbie was launched in 2010, she came with a miniature pink laptop strapped to her wrist, a matching pink headset wrapped round her head and a vacuous smile pasted on her face. And while this might sound like classicBarb, just a year prior, Dell was called called out for ‘shrinking and pinking’ its products for women with its Della laptop, which was launched alongside a website full of patronising tips to help women figure out how to use their new toy. “Dear Della,” wrote infuriated tech columnist Joanna Stern. “Sexism doesn’t sell laptops.” ...



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    How do men use social media?

    The modern man is a very different creature than his predecessors. But fluid masculinity and metrosexuality aside, men today are increasingly socially savvy; Pinterest – an old haunt for brides-to-be – reported a 73% increase in male users in 2014. What’s got so many men signing up?

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    Kode with Klossy: debugging the gender gap

    Gen Zers may be tech savvy, yet despite their online competence just one in ten US schools teach them how their tech works. Kode with Klossy, set up by model Karlie Kloss, is a summer camp aimed at teaching young girls how to code, challenging the notion that STEM subjects are only for men.

  • Rose gold iPhone is subtle signifier of luxury

    Rose gold iPhone is subtle signifier of luxury

    Gold has long been an indicator of status and wealth. When Apple first started selling gold iPhones in 2013, it helped turn them into real symbols of luxury, appealing to the Chinese market in particular. It's now released a ‘rose gold’ version, but what does a pink-coloured phone say about you?

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    Lexon Fine: gadgets that really go with your Gucci

    Technology aimed at women is often slammed for being ‘girly’. But at a time when a gold Apple Watch could be as coveted a fashion accessory as a Gucci handbag, stylish technology has never been more sought after. Lexon Design’s ‘Fine’ collection is feminine technology without the frills.