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  • Helping parents give their babies the best start
  • Helping parents give their babies the best start
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Happy Family: clean food for messy eaters

From picking the right manufacturer to finding a product with the right ingredients, feeding infants can be stressful – and that’s before the mess of mealtimes. Organic brand Happy Family wants to make nutrition easier for parents, but what do mums and dads expect from baby food?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Working out what to feed your baby can be stressful. Which brand should you choose, or should you make it at home yourself? Do you even have the time to do that every day? Happy Family, a premium, organic baby food brand, wants to help alleviate the stress parents feel when it comes to mealtimes. By offering prenatal nutrition, baby food, food for toddlers and snacks for slightly older kids, it’s there to support mums and dads every step of the way through early parenthood.





  • The Latin Baby targets Hispanic mums

    The Latin Baby targets Hispanic mums

    Florida-based The Latin Baby is aiming to get a share of the rapidly growing baby food category by targeting Gen Y mums with new flavour profiles. While baby food options have become more interesting in recent years, ‘Cuban Garbanzos’ might strike the right chord among Hispanics.

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    Kid Licks: tot-friendly manis that are good enough to eat

    Whether it’s trying on lipstick or slapping on shaving foam, kids often mimic their parents. However, many beauty products contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful for children. But with Kid Licks, parents needn't worry – it’s the first organic and edible nail polish for mini fashionistas.

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    How is food packaging being repackaged?

    Eating patterns have changed – instead of preparing three meals a day, many people now snack on convenience food. As a result, there’s a growing demand for packaging that’s smart, eco-friendly and easy-to-use. How can brands use innovative design to meet the needs of these conscious consumers?

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    How are busy parents feeding their kids?

    For mums and dads, getting dinner on the table after an eight-hour day at the office is a complicated task. It’s even more difficult to ensure that they’re giving their children healthy and nutritious food that they will actually enjoy. So how are busy parents feeding their kids?

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    Are new mums and dads becoming ‘drone parents’?

    In the US, 83% of new mums are Gen Yers, and though 88% of this generation want to avoid becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, many are happy to use tech to check on their kids. In the second of a two-part report, we ask if more dads will take paternity leave, and look at the rise of the ‘drone parent’.

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    Nibble+squeak: dining for parents with pipsqueaks

    Fine dining with the kids don’t seem like the perfect pairing. A new dining club is now aiming to introduce toddlers to the world of gastronomy through some of the trendiest eateries in London and New York. But do parents really want to tuck in to oysters and champagne with their toddler in tow?

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    Where should brands fit into our life stories?

    Storytelling has become a guiding principle for great marketing, letting companies neatly fit into consumers’ lives. But with one well-timed ad capable of changing someone’s shopping habits for years, how can brands address our milestone moments without seeming opportunistic?

  • Parent-centric service from Target

    Parent-centric service from Target

    Mums control the majority of family spending. Appealing to them while tapping into a growing trend of subscription services is Target's Diaper Duty service. From formula to wipes, parents can choose from 150 baby care items to be regularly sent to them.