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  • Caffeine and butter combine to better the body
  • Caffeine and butter combine to better the body
    Denis Labrecque (2015) ©

Bulletproof Coffee: full-fat brain food for biohackers

You might be used to a dash of milk or a lump of sugar in your morning coffee, but how about some butter and MCT oils? Drinking Bulletproof Coffee is touted as a way to kick-start the brain and stimulate weight loss, but are these claims legitimate or just the unfounded boasts of another fad drink?

Location United States

How do take your coffee? Black? With sugar? Maybe a little milk? What about with butter and some MCT oils for good measure? That’s how people are drinking their cup of joe in Silicon Valley – and it’s catching on nationwide.

Entrepreneur Dave Asprey came up with the idea for Bulletproof Coffee six years ago when he fell ill while travelling in Tibet. In order to revive him, the locals gave him a mountain concoction of Tibetan tea with yak butter, which simultaneously cured and inspired him. [1] But what’s got the rest of the US slurping ...



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    Our work days shape our meals more than taste does. Yet while they're pressed for time, people still want something that’s healthy, convenient, and satisfying. Meal replacement brand Soylent is now offering Coffiest – a beverage meant to replace your breakfast and morning coffee all at once.

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    Brits are splashing the cash on eating out, but with 27% of people picking a restaurant based on how healthy the menu is, there’s a clear demand for more wholesome fare. Gyms Kitchen, the UK’s first protein-based eatery, taps into this desire with its meal breakdowns and on-site nutritionists.

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    Instant coffee has become a British staple. We consume it by the litre each day, but has the era of granulated bitterness come to an end? While artisanal coffee shops offer an alternative to international chains, Press’d is looking to shake up the instant industry with its liquid coffee concentrate.

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    The way people lose weight is changing. Out are the cardboard-tasting diet foods, awkward meet-ups and communal weight shaming, in are the whole foods, digital apps and sexy workout gear. But is dieting really dead? And how are consumer attitudes towards wellness changing?