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  • Recreating the dollar store experience online
  • Recreating the dollar store experience online
    Bayu Aditya, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Hollar: the digital dollar store wooing Gen Y mums

Shopping in a dollar store is often characterised by a series of impulse buys – but can this experience be replicated on a phone or laptop? With its attractive layout, quality products and a huge amount of choice, online retailer Hollar is aiming to become the go-to stop for Gen Y mums.

Location United States

There were over 30,000 dollar stores in the US by the end of 2015, and with an additional 3,800 set to open by 2020, this retail segment is becoming more crowded by the day. [1] But Hollar reckons it has found a gap in the market – the internet. Calling itself the world's first online-only dollar store, it’s trying to capture this unique shopping experience virtually.





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