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  • Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry
  • Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry
    Mitya Ku, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Nihilist memes: misery goes viral

Memes are part of the fabric of internet culture. But at a time when there’s such a disparity between reality and social media perfection, the subversion of the classic meme format reflects a shift in how people express themselves digitally. How do nihilist memes show the silver lining of sadness?

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Memes are woven into the fabric of internet culture. Today – depending on your usage of different social platforms – it seems unlikely that you wouldn’t have come across some of the more edgy iterations of the classic caption-over-image format we’ve come to love (or hate).

But at a time when there’s such a stark disparity between the realities of everyday life and the idealistic optimism that’s showcased by people and ad campaigns alike, the classic meme format has been harnessed and subverted to fight back against social media fatigue. Enter nihilist memes – the most miserable memes you ...



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    Deliciously Stella: satirising the #eatclean craze

    Instagram is awash with wellness bloggers posting pics of macrobiotic salads and Lycra-clad abs. How’s the average person expected to keep up? Bella Younger glamorises an alternative lifestyle with Deliciously Stella, choosing crisps over kale and a deep-fat fryer over a NutriBullet.

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    Are selfies a force for good?

    Selfies ruin trips to galleries, interrupt nights out, and feed an unhealthy preoccupation with looks. But they’re also being used to champion the individual and non-mainstream beauty. As brands launch selfie campaigns, can they engage audiences in a way that’s helpful, not harmful?

  • Realistic Gen Zers see the harm in social media

    Realistic Gen Zers see the harm in social media

    As social media infiltrates all aspects of our lives, fatigue was always inevitable; from the uptake of anonymous platforms like Secret to celebrities like Lena Dunham handing the reigns of their accounts over to their staff. Will regular people soon start deserting these digital spaces too?

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    Why are we obsessed with being happy?

    You can’t move for being told how to be happy. It’s a choice, claims Coca-Cola in its Choose Happiness campaign. It’s the truth, croons Pharrell in Happy. We can redesign our lives to achieve it, says Paul Dolan in Happiness by Design. But what does ‘being happy’ mean, and how do we achieve it?