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  • Between work and the kids, how do Gen Xers find time to shop?
  • Between work and the kids, how do Gen Xers find time to shop?
    Syed Irteza Ubaid, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Why do Gen X love to shop online?

They may not be digital natives, but Gen X shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to online spending power. While Yers are busy posting selfies on Instagram, their older counterparts are clicking ‘add to basket’ – but why does this ‘middle child’ generation love online shopping so much?

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The conventional wisdom is that teens and Gen Yers drive e-commerce trends, but the 65 million members of Gen X in the US are plugged in and spending big; 35- to 44-year-olds make up just 18% of the population, yet they account for 23% of online shoppers. [1] And while Gen Y may spend more over the internet – averaging $2,000 per year compared to $1,930 for those aged 35 to 44 – Gen X represent a key demographic for digital retailers because of their large numbers and higher incomes. [2]

“The cultural underestimation ...



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