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  • Finding Instagram glory through sugar and carbs
  • Finding Instagram glory through sugar and carbs
    Deliciously Stella (2015) ©

Deliciously Stella: satirising the #eatclean craze

Instagram is awash with wellness bloggers posting pics of macrobiotic salads and Lycra-clad abs. How’s the average person expected to keep up? Bella Younger glamorises an alternative lifestyle with Deliciously Stella, choosing crisps over kale and a deep-fat fryer over a NutriBullet.

Location United Kingdom

Today’s social landscape is an absurd one; social feeds populated with perfect lives clash with news streams of a planet in peril. Collective anxiety is rising, resulting in a growing fixation with ‘wellness’ – an approach to health that sees little distinction between mental and physical spheres. But the pursuit of good health can be stressful, and as fitness enthusiasts flaunt their seemingly perfect diets and bodies on social media, how is the average person expected to keep up?





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    In the US, the fast food industry is under an unprecedented amount of pressure from fast casual chains and increasingly health-conscious consumption. How has Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos – a Frankenfood snack of fried cheese sticks dusted in Cheetos flavouring – gained success in this tough market?

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    BuzzFeed’s cooking channel Tasty is feeding the internet's appetite for comfort food with its immensely popular recipe videos. It’s attracted nearly 62 million likes on Facebook and gained 14 billion video views in just under a year, but what’s the secret to its success?

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    The way people lose weight is changing. Out are the cardboard-tasting diet foods, awkward meet-ups and communal weight shaming, in are the whole foods, digital apps and sexy workout gear. But is dieting really dead? And how are consumer attitudes towards wellness changing?

  • Do wellness bloggers know enough about wellness? Do wellness bloggers know enough about wellness?

    Australian blogger Belle Gibson was publicly shamed in recent months for false claims that she’d cured herself of cancer through her diet. Though her secret’s out now, she made more than $1 million from her app, causing many to wonder just how qualified wellness bloggers are to tell us how to eat.