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  • What’s the appeal of a fast food mash-up?
  • What’s the appeal of a fast food mash-up?
    John Benson, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Mac n’ Cheetos: a cheesy Frankenfood sensation

In the US, the fast food industry is under an unprecedented amount of pressure from fast casual chains and increasingly health-conscious consumption. How has Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos – a Frankenfood snack of fried cheese sticks dusted in Cheetos flavouring – gained success in this tough market?

Location United States

In the US, the fast food industry is under an unprecedented amount of pressure, with sales growth having slowed to just 0.5%. [1] Fast casual outlets have stolen away customers, while falling grocery prices are convincing more people to eat at home. At the same time, brands are facing demands to pay staff a living wage, and are struggling to keep up with consumer tastes.

In June 2016, however, Burger King achieved great success with the launch of Mac n’ Cheetos – a snack of fried cheese sticks dusted in Cheetos flavouring. Though it was only meant ...



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