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  • You don’t need a spoonful of sugar with Oralflo
  • You don’t need a spoonful of sugar with Oralflo
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Oralflo: helping pills go down easy

Two-fifths of American adults experience difficulties swallowing medication in tablet form, which can result in taking an incorrect dosage or even medical non-adherence. With its specially designed cup, Oralflo wants to make taking your pills as easy as drinking a glass of water.

Location United States

Swallowing a tablet isn’t exactly pleasant, but for many it's a real struggle. A Google search for advice on how to stomach pills yields tips such as wrapping it up in bread and smothering it in applesauce, highlighting the methods some people adopt to ease the discomfort of taking their medication. Oralflo is a specially designed cup that aims to make it so they’ll never have trouble swallowing a dry pill again.





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