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  • Fast fashion from Down Under is going overseas
  • Fast fashion from Down Under is going overseas
    Matthew Kenwrick, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Cotton On: Aussie basics brand goes global

Aussies can shop for global fashion fads on any high street or with a few clicks. But when it comes to basics, many rely on Cotton On, which is set to earn $1.4 billion in 2016 from its low-cost clothing that virtually ignores trends. How’s this home-grown brand taking the retail world by storm?

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Zara, H&M, Topshop, Uniqlo – walk down any Australian high street and you’d find it hard to distinguish from any big city in the world. While the market is increasingly dominated by fast fashion imports, home-grown retailer Cotton On is not just holding its own, but is set to export its basics to the world. How has it gone from tiny market stall to billion-dollar business?





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