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  • Affordable accessories with a personal touch
  • Affordable accessories with a personal touch
    The Daily Edited (2016) ©

The Daily Edited: custom accessories for minimalists

Sydney-based accessories brand The Daily Edited has proved a hit among Aussie fashion shoppers, achieving turnover of $5 million in 2015. But in a challenging retail market, how has it gone from a tiny style blog to selling customisable fine leather goods by the bag-load?

Location Australia

It’s hard to deny the allure of luxury leather. The smell and feel of fine-crafted bags are uniquely appealing to the fashion consumer – but the lure often ends with a glance at the price tag. That’s where The Daily Edited (TDE) comes in. The Sydney start-up turned over more than $5 million in 2015 off the back of its customisable accessories. [1] But how has it gone from a tiny style blog to selling fine leather goods by the bag-load?





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