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  • Connected clothing is emerging off the catwalk
  • Connected clothing is emerging off the catwalk
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How is technology changing the way we dress?

Are you too busy to take out your debit card to pay for coffee? Or wish you could get directions without looking at your phone? Thanks to new innovations in the fashtech world, wearables are moving way beyond wristbands. But will smart clothing be a passing fad or a future must-have?

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Despite predictions from 2014 that shipments of smart garments would reach 26 million this year – surpassing fitness trackers along the way – connected clothing hasn't quite broken into the mainstream. [1] And while Fitbits and Apple Watches have become commonplace, the forecast for smart garments is a little more modest; sales are expected to rise from one million units in 2016 to 5.3 million in 2017. [2]

Given that clothes made from mostly natural threads have sufficed throughout history, the business case for functional fibres seems niche at best. But there are distinct ...



  • Smart fabrics are the future of wearables Smart fabrics are the future of wearables

    Wearables have created much buzz in recent years. Yet despite major players like Apple, Samsung and Google rolling out devices  alongside high-end brands like Opening Ceremony  the buzz has faded. Experts now say that smart fabrics could be the way forward instead.

  • Article image Topshop & bPay: making fintech fashionable

    Fashionistas rejoice – payment options are no longer limited to uninspiring bank cards or plain old cash. Topshop has teamed up with bPay to launch a range of contactless accessories that'll complement your outfit. But is Gen Z really that bothered by fintech? Can payments really be fun?

  • Smart clothes could beat smart watches Smart clothes could beat smart watches

    In 2014, wearable tech became a hot topic, from NFC rings that unlock your car to the rise of collaborations between tech developers and high-end fashion designers. But forecasts suggest tech accessories are set to take a back seat, making way for wearable garments.

  • Article image How 'wearable' is wearable tech?

    People prefer devices that are unobtrusive, fit into daily life, and look stylish. But do they really want to wear technology on their wrists, faces and around their necks?