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  • What’s the appeal of country living for American youth?
  • What’s the appeal of country living for American youth?
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Teen America: Country Boys and Girls

Hard-working, outdoorsy, and down to earth, America has a whole new generation of Country Boys and Girls. In the eighth of a series exploring Gen Y and Z tribes in the US, Andrea Graham Richeson looks at how these young and ‘countrified’ individuals are expressing their traditional values.

Location United States

With its big blue skies, fresh air, and vast green fields, the agricultural enclaves of the US have long been an integral part of the nation’s identity. Country living is perhaps one of its most enduring, yet perhaps most misunderstood cultural narratives. The inspiration for countless country songs, rural America is at times both romanticised and disparaged for its simpler way of life and conservative leanings.

While rural communities may have strong ties to their agricultural past and small town values, they’re not stuck in time. In fact, the new generation of Country Boys and Girls are an influential ...



  • Music is the top leisure pursuit for Gen Yers Music is the top leisure pursuit for Gen Yers

    Whether it’s the popularity of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, or the recent resurgence of vinyl, it’s clear that music is important to people. And according to research firm Repucom, it’s particularly significant for Gen Yers – 86% say they’re interested in music.

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    The Balkytlan festival is the latest example of young Mexicans mashing up home-grown sounds with Balkan music and style. In the past decade, Mexi-Balkan bands have flourished and a legitimate scene has emerged. But how did the sounds of the Slavic peninsula capture the imagination of Mexican youth?

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    From Coasties to K-Poppers, the US is home to a range of teen subcultures. In the fourth of a series exploring Gen Y and Z tribes, Andrea Graham Richeson examines the Americana – teens looking to mid-century America for their inspiration. Can they bring hand-crafted heritage into the 21st Century?

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    Drawn to a warm climate, Southern hospitality and economic opportunity, 1.2 million people left the Northeast and Midwest for the Sun Belt states between 2010 and 2013. But how will this mass migration to the South shape America’s urban development, cultural diversity and economic future?