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  • A dedicated domain for the mid-life lifestyle
  • A dedicated domain for the mid-life lifestyle
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The Midult: a digital destination for Gen X women

Gen X women are often ignored by brands, who tend to target Boomers and Gen Yers. But they have a lot of spending power that isn't being tapped into. Enter The Midult, a site dedicated to giving these women a voice and defying stereotypes about what it means to be a Gen Xer today.

Location United Kingdom

Meet the Midults – successful, digitally-literate Gen X women who’d much rather spend time scrolling through Instagram and Twitter than be bored by baby talk, AGAs and paisley prints. They’re not prim, want to be spoken to honestly, and they don’t define themselves by whether or not they have kids.

The Midult is a website dedicated to these women. It was founded by journalists Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan after they realised there was nothing for females of their age out there on the internet. “The joke-hunting boys have The LAD Bible, the sincere girls have



  • Article image Beauty Dossier: putting age before beauty

    The beauty industry is obsessed with youthfulness, but with only 3% of women over 40 using make-up to look younger, they’re finding it difficult to relate to many brands. Can Beauty Dossier inspire them to break out of their beauty rut with an online course tailored to a mature market?

  • Article image What's got Gen X so worried?

    As Gen X reach middle age, they’re growing more concerned about their finances yet remain unprepared for retirement. Additionally, they’re setting off alarm bells with their health problems and heavy drinking. How did they get in such bad shape? And what can be done to address their varied crises?

  • Article image PANKs: the women nurturing nieces and nephews instead of having kids

    In the US, 47% of women of childbearing age are childless. Reports suggest these women are ‘wealthier, healthier and happier’ than mothers. But while this may be true, another group of non-mums are identifying as PANKs; Professional Aunts, No Kids. So who’s joining the ranks of the PANKs?

  • Article image Is there such thing as a Gen X mid-life crisis?

    The stereotypical midlife crisis used to involve flash cars, younger models, dubious fashion choices and maybe a session or two of therapy. Fast forward to 2015 and those entering middle age don’t seem so rebellious. So what does a midlife crisis look like amongst those who refuse to grow up?