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  • Are toddlers still filling up on home-made meals?
  • Are toddlers still filling up on home-made meals?
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How are busy parents feeding their kids?

For mums and dads, getting dinner on the table after an eight-hour day at the office is a complicated task. It’s even more difficult to ensure that they’re giving their children healthy and nutritious food that they will actually enjoy. So how are busy parents feeding their kids?

Location Northern Europe / North America

The traditional family arrangement of a father working full-time and a mother working part-time is in decline; in 49% of couple households, both parents work a daily nine-to-five. [1] And with over two-thirds of British adults saying they now work longer hours than in 2014, they have less time than ever for their home lives. “Since the financial crisis, working more than 40 hours has become the ‘new normal,’” says Karyn Twaronite, global diversity officer at Ernst & Young. [2]

Consequently, many of these busy parents are stressed out – 29% report feeling ‘burned ...



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    Frozen ready meals used to mean a Swanson TV dinner or junk food from a plastic bag. But Luvo is aiming to prove that the freezer aisle isn’t just for turkey dinosaurs and Arctic rolls. It’s shaking up the category with nutritionally-balanced ready meals made for time-pressed people.

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    Fine dining with the kids don’t seem like the perfect pairing. A new dining club is now aiming to introduce toddlers to the world of gastronomy through some of the trendiest eateries in London and New York. But do parents really want to tuck in to oysters and champagne with their toddler in tow?

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    Mums control the majority of family spending. Appealing to them while tapping into a growing trend of subscription services is Target's Diaper Duty service. From formula to wipes, parents can choose from 150 baby care items to be regularly sent to them.