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  • Making microwaveable meals a more appealing option
  • Making microwaveable meals a more appealing option
    Luvo Inc (2015) ©

Luvo: ready meals for the health-conscious

Frozen ready meals used to mean a Swanson TV dinner or junk food from a plastic bag. But Luvo is aiming to prove that the freezer aisle isn’t just for turkey dinosaurs and Arctic rolls. It’s shaking up the category with nutritionally-balanced ready meals made for time-pressed people.

Location North America / Northern Europe

You get home from a late night at the office, and can’t be bothered to cook. But you haven’t had time to go to the shop, meaning the contents of your fridge currently consist of expired milk and questionable leftovers. This limits you to an expensive takeaway or a calorific frozen pizza. Enter Luvo – a ready meal that won’t hurt your waistline.





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