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  • Bite-sized beauty for a more mature market
  • Bite-sized beauty for a more mature market
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Beauty Dossier: putting age before beauty

The beauty industry is obsessed with youthfulness, but with only 3% of women over 40 using make-up to look younger, they’re finding it difficult to relate to many brands. Can Beauty Dossier inspire them to break out of their beauty rut with an online course tailored to a mature market?

Location Australia

“A soft neutral is what you’re after,” explains Janet Muggivan in one of her beauty tutorials. “Having said that, there’s a very big difference between a nude lipstick for a 25-year-old and a nude lipstick for a woman in her 50s. The nudes that the young girls wear are very beige-based. If we were to wear them, they’d be very draining. So our versions of a nude are either soft rose or soft muted coral.” [1]

The video is one of 15 in the Beauty Dossier online course, which Muggivan developed after noticing that many mature women ...



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