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  • Why do rhymes get stuck in our minds?
  • Why do rhymes get stuck in our minds?
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Why brands are using spoken word

Rhythm and rhyme have been around since the beginning of time, and spoken word is now booming in Britain, with brands like the BBC and McCain harnessing this ancient art form in their campaigns. But what makes poetry more persuasive and engaging than non-rhyming prose in advertising?

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Bards have long been using rhythm and rhyme to communicate, but now brands are jumping on the bandwagon. McCain employs ‘punk poet’ John Cooper Clarke to flog chips for tea, while London-based spoken word artist James Massiah tells us to turn our BBC radio stations up.

As spoken word emerges from the margins and into the mainstream, what makes poetry so persuasive? And how should brands looking to utilise this ancient art form go about it with integrity and authenticity?





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