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  • Keep up with fast fashion without emptying your wallet
  • Keep up with fast fashion without emptying your wallet
    Adam Cohn, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Flyrobe: renting fashion to urban Indians

India’s style-savvy young women want to dress to impress, but it doesn’t make sense to splash out on the high street every time a work or social event comes up. Online service Flyrobe lets them rent clothing to suit their occasion, from a gorgeous gown to a stunning sari.

Location India

Lynette D'Souza, a PR professional from Mumbai, faced a regular challenge when it came to finding something suitable to wear for work and social events, often struggling to make time to go shopping or purchasing an outfit she’d only wear once. But in early 2016, she found a solution in Flyrobe, an online fashion rental service. “When you want to go out, every girl feels that you don't have enough clothes to choose from,” says D'Souza. “This way I get to wear what I want and like and then just give it back.” [1]



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