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  • Are bots about to dominate our devices?
  • Are bots about to dominate our devices?
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Why would you want to chat to a bot?

The number of people using messaging apps is set to hit two billion by 2018, so it’s no wonder brands want to get in on the action. Major tech players are touting chatbots as the next big thing, but can they really revolutionise online interactions, or are they just part of an industry-driven pipe dream?

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The bots are coming. And while most people are not entirely sure what they are, or even why they might need them, major tech players assure us that they’re the next big thing, capable of revolutionising the way we interact with the internet.

According to tech companies, chatbots – computer programmes that can ‘converse’ with people using AI – offer a more effective way of speaking with companies and ordering products or services. It’s spurring an evolution from branded app to branded messaging; don’t close Facebook Messenger to get a cab, just message Uber and wait for the driver ...



  • Article image Hero: chat with brands like they're your mates

    The rise of messaging apps has changed how people want to communicate with brands, and while some companies are taking to social networks and chatbots, their offerings leave much to be desired. Enter Hero, an app that wants to make messaging brands as easy as chatting with friends.

  • Sephora launches a chatbot through Kik Sephora launches a chatbot through Kik

    Most teenage girls look to their friends for beauty advice, but thanks to messaging app Kik, Sephora customers can now use a ‘chatbot’ to find out the newest tips and trends. After a talk, some emojis and a quiz, it gives the user the most relevant content to suit their beauty needs.

  • Article image Would you want to chat to a brand on WhatsApp?

    Private messaging is an ideal medium to do the obvious – open a dialogue and conduct a conversation. In fact, 59% of all US social sharing now occurs in private channels. But while people are happy to chat to their mates on platforms like Facebook Messenger, how can brands get involved?

  • The resurgence of the chatbot The resurgence of the chatbot

    From SmarterChild through to Siri, automated chatbots have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. And now – despite the presence of more advanced, flashy apps – their popularity is on the increase once again. But what’s the cause of the chatbot comeback?