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  • Customer service enters the ‘dark social’ world
  • Customer service enters the ‘dark social’ world
    Janssem Cardoso, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Hero: chat with brands like they're your mates

The rise of messaging apps has changed how people want to communicate with brands, and while some companies are taking to social networks and chatbots, their offerings leave much to be desired. Enter Hero, an app that wants to make messaging brands as easy as chatting with friends.

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“The mobile evolution has been a real catalyst for the consumer being in control,” says Adam Levene, founder of concierge app Hero. “Suddenly they had everything at their fingertips. They have a real immediacy – every time they needed something, they could get the answer just like that. And as I watched this happening, I had this burning idea at the back of my mind, which became Hero.” [1] Aiming to make messaging businesses as simple as texting a friend, can Hero shake up how people communicate with brands?





  • Article image Yellow Messenger: chatting with India’s local shopkeepers

    Although India’s e-commerce market is set to grow by 67% in 2016, brick-and-mortar retail is still preferred by most people. Yellow Messenger is now attempting to bridge the gap between online and offline with an app that lets consumers engage local shops via a chat service on their smartphone.

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    Private messaging is an ideal medium to do the obvious – open a dialogue and conduct a conversation. In fact, 59% of all US social sharing now occurs in private channels. But while people are happy to chat to their mates on platforms like Facebook Messenger, how can brands get involved?

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    Canvas8’s 2016 Expert Outlook on communications explores whether ‘impermanent networks’ will be the platforms of choice in the future, if people are becoming more careful about what they share on social media, and how brands can listen to consumers to better suit their needs.

  • Facebook Messenger brings in the brands Facebook Messenger brings in the brands

    More than 600 million people use Facebook Messenger each month to send texts, photos and videos. In March 2015 at the company’s F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg announced that you’ll soon be chatting to your favourite brand via the platform as easily as you do your best mate.