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  • Are we just window shopping with wishlists?
  • Are we just window shopping with wishlists?
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Why are wishlists the best way to browse?

When was the last time you walked into a shop, filled up a basket, then walked out empty handed? You may never do so in the real world, but 69% of shopping trips online end just like that. Have e-tailers lost their knack for converting sales? Or are we simply indulging in the joy of browsing?

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According to an average of 33 separate studies, 69% of online shopping carts are ‘abandoned’, with this behaviour costing UK retailers up to £1 billion in lost sales each year. [1][2] But does ditching a basket online really represent a ‘lost’ sale or the rise of casual browsing? As shoppers use e-commerce sites to daydream and envision aspirational versions of themselves, could brands be doing more to build relationships by enhancing wishlisting rather than trying to convert sales using tricks of the trade?

Online expenditure in Britain is set to increase 45% between 2015 and ...



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    Two out of five internet users have bought a product online. But a lengthy payment process means we often abandon purchases at the checkout. What if you could buy using just an email address and postcode? By separating ‘buying’ from ‘paying’, Klarna promises stress-free online shopping.

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    From understanding buyers’ eye movements to measuring brain activity when we’re shopping, decision science is becoming a market research norm. Author Phil Barden sheds light on the methods and approaches used by Decode Marketing to understand why people do the things they do.