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  • Bulking up with a better kind of motivation
  • Bulking up with a better kind of motivation
    Caden Crawford, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Skulpt: super-sizing muscles with science

Everyone wants to get involved in fitness tracking, with devices from Fitbit, Apple, Jawbone, Samsung and countless others flooding the market. But while some present users with unreliable readings, Skulpt promises precise data and tailored tips. Can it change the way we bulk up?

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Fitness devices are hot; 110 million units are set to be shipped in 2016, representing a 38% increase from 2015, with double-digit growth projected until 2020. [1] Everyone wants a slice of the action – Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple, Samsung and Google to name a few – and cheap knock-offs are beginning to flood the market. [2]

But there are only so many useful functions that can be squeezed into a wrist band. And even market leaders – Fitbit among trackers and Apple among smartwatches – are beginning to feel the heat. [3][



  • Article image Orangetheory Fitness: get toned with big data

    Boutique fitness studio Orangetheory aims to help gym-goers lose weight, get toned, and reach their fitness goals in the least amount of time through the use of heart rate data. Why is high intensity interval training so hot right now? And can competition make working out more enjoyable?

  • Article image Lifesum Green: a health juice blended with big data

    The green juice craze has taken off in recent years, earning endorsements from celebrities and wellness gurus alike. But does the hype match the health benefits? Health app Lifesum hopes to prove it can – it's used big data from 30,000 users to blend a juice tailored specifically to Londoners.

  • Article image YOU-app: get healthier and happier one step at a time

    Setting unrealistic goals is something we all do, especially when it comes to self-improvement. We strive to be fitter, smarter, kinder, or to eat more healthily. But shaking off old habits is hard. Sometimes we don’t even get started. Can a step-by-step app, informed by behavioural science, come to our rescue? 

  • Fitness fanatics drive health app market Fitness fanatics drive health app market

    With people now taking a proactive approach to their health, rather than a reactive one, a new report from Flurry Analytics shows that health and fitness apps are growing at a faster rate than the overall app market, and predicts an expansion in the wearable tech market too.