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  • What’s made Gen X so world weary?
  • What’s made Gen X so world weary?
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What's got Gen X so worried?

As Gen X reach middle age, they’re growing more concerned about their finances yet remain unprepared for retirement. Additionally, they’re setting off alarm bells with their health problems and heavy drinking. How did they get in such bad shape? And what can be done to address their varied crises?

Location North America / Northern Europe

“I worry about a lot of things,” says Matt, 37, London. “Work, money, relationships. It worries me that I don’t currently pay into a pension. I’m worried that it will be difficult to afford a family, and that I don’t currently own a large property. It’s all a bit uncertain at the moment.” [1]

Society is used to worrying about the morally corrupt or disaffected youth, but a raft of recent studies are pointing to a very different kind of generational crisis on the horizon. According to research published in February 2016 into US investors’ saving habits, ...



  • Low-income parents are going back to school Low-income parents are going back to school

    Juggling a job with parenting can be a struggle. But increasingly, low-income parents in the US are not only straddling work and home lives – they’re also going back to school. Not only does it mean they could earn more, it’s also a way for them to become better role models for their kids.

  • Article image UK Gen X on Leisure

    Our time is finite. And few feel this more than Gen Xers, who work long weeks, raise kids or both. So how do they spend their spare time? Are they splashing cash to make the most of it? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women aged 35 to 49 to find out what they do when they get time to relax.

  • Article image UK Gen X on Citizenship

    The archetypal Gen Xer is notoriously self-absorbed. But what do they think of the rest of society? Are they political? Do they consume ethically? Or would they rather not think about it? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 35 and 49 to find out what causes they care about.

  • Article image Are Gen X a bunch of alcoholics?

    While Gen Y binge drink their way through their 20s, Gen X are quietly knocking back the chardonnays. From stressed out city workers to busy mums, alcohol helps us all wind down. But where is the line between enjoying a glass of two of wine and alcohol dependency?