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  • Persil cares about plenty more than dirty laundry
  • Persil cares about plenty more than dirty laundry
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Free the Kids: shock tactics that spur social change

The latest ad in Persil’s Dirt is Good campaign offers a shocking revelation – children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. And it’s an issue that concerns 97% of parents. But while the press have been eating it up, will this glossy, documentary-style spot actually engage families?

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“I didn’t know what freedom was until it was taken away from me,” laments a prisoner at a high-security jail in Indiana. “It’s devastating.” This might sound like a quote from a hard-hitting documentary, but it’s actually from the latest instalment in Persil’s decade-long ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign. “On average, children now spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate,” concludes the spot.

The ad paints an emotive picture of the importance of our relationship with the great outdoors. Launched in the UK, Turkey and Brazil, it’s a bold move to breathe new life into a long-running campaign, ...



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