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  • Everybody wants to be an early adopter
  • Everybody wants to be an early adopter
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A sector snapshot of media and entertainment

Have nannies been replaced by Netflix? Why don’t people want to read the papers? How is a hatred for ads affecting our screen time? And what’s driving fans to become patrons?

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Parents love to worry. And almost half are concerned that their kids spend too much time stuck to screens. Whether they’re bingeing on YouTube videos or racking up bills on the App Store – 63% of 2- to 17-year-olds mostly play games on mobiles – kids love their media. In fact, they spend 35 hours a week consuming it.




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    The New Day: updating the tabloid for the digital age

    Media pundits have been calling print a dead format for years. So why has Trinity Mirror decided to launch a newspaper without a website? The New Day combines the best of online and offline worlds, catering to readers who are tired of biased, negative news. But will going against the grain pay off?

  • Brave is a browser that blocks ads

    Brave is a browser that blocks ads

    Ad-blocking has long struck terror into the hearts of marketers, sending visions of lost revenue to haunt their dreams. More and more people are turning to ad-blocking to escape unwanted ads, but a browser named Brave is now offering an almost ad-free browsing experience.

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    Patreon: becoming a patron of the digital arts

    Artists once received patronage from wealthy individuals who either believed in their work or wanted to ride on their coattails. Now, enterprising artists are looking online for support through crowdfunding services like Patreon. How is it connecting creators with their fan bases?

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    Lufthansa Bedtime Stories: keeping business travellers connected to their kids

    Parents can regret the lack of quality time spent with their kids – a guilt that’s magnified for those who travel for work. Lufthansa is helping parents relieve this guilt by installing recording studios at departure gates in airports. But do kids want a bedtime story sent straight from the terminal?

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    YouTube Red: paying to skip the ads

    People don’t like ads, and the success of Spotify Premium shows that they'll pay to avoid them. YouTube is now offering a similar option in the form of YouTube Red, giving users an ad-free experience and exclusive content. How might the loss of commercials impact the future of the ad industry?

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    Unbound: a new, crowdfunded chapter for publishing

    People don’t spend hours browsing in bookstores anymore, instead relying on online recommendations. Consequently, publishers are having to rethink how to capture readers’ attention. Is Unbound – a platform that lets people influence and crowdfund the next great book the answer?

  • BBC to launch a chart show for news

    BBC to launch a chart show for news

    The BBC has announced plans to air the ‘Live 5 Hitlist’, a weekly chart show for news that will use data from social media to rank the week’s most popular stories in a Top 40 fashion. It aims to give the public a voice, but will the show reflect what Brits really want to hear?

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    Amazon Fire Kids Edition: tablets for tiny techies

    Stealing mum or dad's iPad to watch a show or play a game has become second nature for Gen Z. But Amazon now wants to give them their own tablet. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is packed with educational content and kid-friendly movies to ensure they’ll never grab for mum’s gadget again.