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  • Smartphone users dread the ‘storage almost full’ notification
  • Smartphone users dread the ‘storage almost full’ notification
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Nextbit Robin: storing memories on the cloud

We increasingly rely on smartphones to supplement our knowledge and store our memories. But with 31% of people running out of space monthly, these digital brains are getting full. By merging device storage with the cloud, can the Nextbit Robin put an end to ‘post deletion stress disorder’?

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Have smartphones turned us into cyborgs? “We increasingly rely upon external memory stores to supplement our relatively puny human memories,” writes Sarah Furgatch for Forbes. “We are, in this sense, cyborgs – both aided by and dependent upon our devices.” [1]

Yet as photos and videos add up over months and years, more and more users are forced to confront ‘memory full’ messages on their screens. With this in mind, a team of former employees from HTC and Google have launched the Nextbit Robin, whichmakes use of the cloud to overcome a limitation that was once ...



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  • Brits suffering from ‘post deletion stress disorder’ Brits suffering from ‘post deletion stress disorder’

    You know that feeling of regret when you are forced to delete that perfect selfie just to free up some space on your phone? Well, it’s got a name  Post Deletion Stress Disorder (PDSD) and 56% of Brits have been forced to delete content from a device due to capacity issues and then regretted it.

  • Camra sends photos straight to the cloud Camra sends photos straight to the cloud

    91% of iPhone owners have 16GB or less of storage on their devices, and with the average user running out of space at least once a month, a storage crunch is on the horizon. Camra is offering a cloud-based solution to the problem, letting users shoot photos straight to the cloud.

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