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  • All Bamboo’s white sheets have green credentials
  • All Bamboo’s white sheets have green credentials
    Lauren Rushing, Creative Commons (2011) ©

All Bamboo: eco-friendly luxury for the home

The term ‘environmentally-friendly materials’ usually conjures up visuals of hippy hemp bags and Sainsbury’s bags for life. UK-based All Bamboo is looking to make eco-consumerism more luxurious with its almost silk-like bamboo bedding. Is a life of luxury more sustainable than originally thought?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Marketing products as ‘eco-friendly’ can be quite limiting. Despite growing concern for the environment, such products and services are still perceived as niche or lower quality than their ‘normal’ counterparts. When creating luxury goods, however, the quality of the product is the primary concern, and this ‘no expense spared’ attitude also applies to the environment.

All Bamboo’s range of bed linens, towels and accessories straddle the seemingly conflicting worlds of luxury and eco-friendliness, creating a more accessible middle ground for consumers. Using a silk-like material that costs far less to produce than real silk, a set of the brand’s ...



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