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  • Adrenaline junkies are looking for higher, faster fixes
  • Adrenaline junkies are looking for higher, faster fixes
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A sector snapshot of Leisure

Why are people using their downtime for self-improvement? Have we all become adrenaline junkies? Are packaged holidays really so passé? And is gaming the new gambling?

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Whether it’s watching science videos on YouTube or attending a talk in your local pub, the lines between ‘fun’ and ‘serious’ are blurring. The popularity of yoga-and-beer sessions are indicative of this – having a pint with a side order of self-improvement. But it’s not just 20-something hipsters that are using their down time to get smarter and fitter.

Gen Xers attach a particularly high value to their free time and want to feel they’re spending it wisely; it’s why triathlons have replaced sports cars for men hitting their mid-life crisis. Even commuting – those few minutes of ...



  • Article image Ultimate Frisbee: soaring popularity in extreme sports

    Whether they’re skateboarding through streets or surfing in the sky, nowhere is out of reach for extreme sports enthusiasts. One of the latest sports that’s soaring in popularity is Ultimate Frisbee. Will our appetite for extreme experiences make it a battleground for branded associations?

  • Article image Same old, same old! The science of habitual buying

    Britain is getting older; the population of over-85s is set to increase 18% between 2015 and 2020. But it’s incorrect to pigeonhole seniors as inactive and content with a weekly game of bingo. From online dating to exercising to travelling, how are hobbies helping seniors feel young again?

  • Article image What’s the future of the theme park?

    After a bumpy ride through the recession, the theme park industry has picked up speed. With competition from the home as the centre of the personal entertainment world, theme parks are innovating their way into a multi-sensory shared experience that’s unique to the parks themselves.

  • Article image Strava: the cycling community getting us off the couch

    Strava, the socially focused, GPS-powered activity tracker, has taken the fitness world by storm. It’s had an especially profound impact on the world of cycling, with thousands of riders going to extreme lengths to claim the virtual prizes it offers. But what makes the platform so addictive?

  • Article image Intrepid: a sustainable future for the package holiday

    Whether you're in inner-city London or the wilds of Africa, an Aussie twang won't be out of place. International travel has never been so popular for Australians, but traditional travel agents and package tours have lost relevance. Intrepid is a sustainable, independent alternative to the tour market.

  • Article image How do we shop for a holiday?

    As travellers, we’re now more savvy and time-precious than ever before. We love short city breaks more than two weeks in the sun and prefer living like a local to holing up in hotels. Our holiday habits have changed dramatically, but how has our approach to booking a vacation shifted?

  • Article image Why are Boomers going on a gap year?

    The post-uni backpacking trip is a rite of passage for many young adults – a chance to explore distant lands and make new friends. But as students struggle to balance their wanderlust with rising tuition fees, something strange has happened on the traveller trail; it’s now filled with Boomers.

  • Article image Why Gen Y are betting on skills not luck

    Roulette and slots may once have drawn eager crowds to the US’ gambling hubs, but faced with falling profits, resort closures and younger generations less willing to bet on chance, casinos are turning to skill-based games to secure their futures. Can they turn the odds for this ailing industry?