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  • All that plucking, blending and curling seems like such hard work
  • All that plucking, blending and curling seems like such hard work
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Where’s the beauty in being lazy?

Whether you’re the contouring queen or a minimalistic gal, a lot of women aren’t prepared to spend more than five minutes putting their face on in the morning. And there are more products than ever that offer time-saving shortcuts to help women feel beauty-rich, even when they're time-poor.

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It’s 7am, you’ve hit the snooze button three times already, opting to spend a few more precious minutes snuggled under the duvet before you get ready for the day. Before you know it, you’re moments away from missing the train, meaning you’re forced to skimp on your morning beauty routine and get by with just a quick slap of foundation and a smidge of mascara.

There are more beauty products than ever for those who just don’t have the time to put their face on in the morning. From dry shampoo to one-pot-wonder creams, women now consider products with ...



  • Article image EOS: making lip balm a pop culture phenomenon

    EOS lip balm has become a cult hit, selling over 1,000 units per week at Selfridges in 2013 and being named the fourth most influential brand in the world for female Gen Yers. But how has a seemingly dull product spawned one of the most coveted and identifiable brands for women around the globe?

  • Micellar water is an all-in-one skincare product Micellar water is an all-in-one skincare product

    If you’re spending a laborious half an hour each evening going through the whole ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine, you clearly haven’t heard of micellar water. Set to simplify your skincare routine, this all-in-one magic potion could have you tossing in the towel and turning off the tap.

  • A 3D printing pen for the perfect shade of foundation A 3D printing pen for the perfect shade of foundation

    From monthly breakouts to uneven skin tone, many women are hard pressed to find the right foundation for their skin. Fear no more ladies  a new beauty gadget is promising to produce the perfect foundation for any complexion, from the most porcelain white to heavenly ebony.

  • trèStiQue creates Gen Y-centric make-up trèStiQue creates Gen Y-centric make-up

    Young consumers are thrifty shoppers, and they’re exposed to such a range of options that they can pick out the brands that suit their needs best. trèStiQue is offering beauty products that are created specifically to suit Gen Y lifestyles, providing a tempting choice for younger shoppers.

  • Article image Stowaway: ‘right size’ make-up for women on the go

    Handbag real estate is in short supply. Women carry around 40 items in their bags – from iPhones, to spare knickers. Stowaway makes ‘right sized’ cosmetics; small enough to be slipped into a clutch. Can this tiny beauty brand disrupt the big players in a $60 billion beauty industry?

  • The rapid uptake of dry shampoo The rapid uptake of dry shampoo

    Strength & Shine, XXL volume or Blush scented – once restricted to one flagship product with the sole purpose of making dirty hair look clean again, hair care brand Batiste is one in a number of companies expanding their offering, feeding the growing popularity of dry shampoo.

  • Article image What does ‘beauty’ really mean?

    With 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, people are creating and looking at more images of themselves today than at any other point in history. And as our lives become permanently on display through the growth of social media, it’s changing how we see ourselves.

  • Article image Blow Ltd: serving fast beauty at your convenience

    The average mum in the UK gets a mere 17 minutes of ‘me-time’ per day – hardly enough time for a shower, let alone a blow dry or manicure. Blow Ltd’s fast beauty concept offers a menu of speedy beauty treatments - offering a slice of indulgence away from daily stresses.