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  • What does riding rollercoasters look like in the digital age?
  • What does riding rollercoasters look like in the digital age?
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What’s the future of the theme park?

After a bumpy ride through the recession, the theme park industry has picked up speed. With competition from the home as the centre of the personal entertainment world, theme parks are innovating their way into a multi-sensory shared experience that’s unique to the parks themselves.

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Nothing says ‘fun’ like a trip to a theme park. Although it finds its origins in the fairs of the Middle Ages, as technology has developed over the centuries, the fair has gone from wood to steel, fast to faster, from merely entertaining to eye-poppingly thrilling. And given that experiential purchases are proven to bring more happiness than material ones, they’re the perfect leisure pursuit. [1]

Globally, theme parks are worth $15 billion, and following a stagnancy throughout the recession in the late ‘00s, parks are once again experiencing record attendances, with the top ...



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    2016 Expert Outlook on leisure

    What kinds of hotel do people want to stay in? How can the craft world ‘go digital’? And will VR take over the holiday industry or will it be confined to gamers’ homes? As part of the 2016 Expert Outlook series, three industry insiders give their views on the future of leisure and tourism.

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    UK Gen X on Leisure

    Our time is finite. And few feel this more than Gen Xers, who work long weeks, raise kids or both. So how do they spend their spare time? Are they splashing cash to make the most of it? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women aged 35 to 49 to find out what they do when they get time to relax.

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    A sector snapshot of leisure

    How are brands becoming wingmen? Why are we seeking spaces just to ‘be’? How is internet dating changing nightlife? And why are adults reconnecting with their inner child?

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    2015 Expert Outlook on Leisure

    How will we be spending our spare time in 2015? Will we be cocooning at home or trekking across town to discover the latest pop-up? How will the experience of attending a festival change and why is digital a danger to the leisure sector?