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  • For cool, creative make-up junkies
  • For cool, creative make-up junkies
    Milk Makeup (2016) ©

Milk: quick cosmetics for cool girls

In a rush? No make-up brush? No worries. Milk understands the way young women think about and use beauty products. Sold as ‘high concept, low maintenance’, it's inspired by and designed for creative, cool girls – providing mascara that’ll stay on all weekend and lipstick that’s actually kiss-proof.

Location United States

The digital world of beauty (beauty bloggers and indie brands abound) has piqued our creativity when it comes to cosmetics – beauty-related YouTube content racks up 700 million views monthly. [1] Now, a brand inspired by cool, creative 20-somethings is shaking up the beauty biz by giving young women exactly what they want from their make-up – maximum creative output with minimal effort or mess.

“The world is giving rise to a new breed of empowered, ambitious, entrepreneurial girl,” reads the Milk website. “She exudes a positive spirit, which is fun and collaborative. She craves ...



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