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  • The quantifiable self is reshaping how we exercise
  • The quantifiable self is reshaping how we exercise
    Strava (2015) ©

Strava: the cycling community getting us off the couch

Strava, the socially focused, GPS-powered activity tracker, has taken the fitness world by storm. It’s had an especially profound impact on the world of cycling, with thousands of riders going to extreme lengths to claim the virtual prizes it offers. But what makes the platform so addictive?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Recent technological advances have made it easier than ever to gather and analyse personal data. This, combined with the perennial quest for self-improvement, has seen fitness tracking boom as consumers splash out on the latest gadgets to help them get the competitive edge.

But many of the activities amateur athletes participate in, such as running and cycling, can be solitary and often quite lonely. With an emphasis on forging social bonds between its users, Strava shows how the power of community can make us excited about getting off the couch.





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