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  • How has Klarna streamlined the online checkout process?
  • How has Klarna streamlined the online checkout process?
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Klarna: buy now and pay later for online shoppers

Two out of five internet users have bought a product online. But a lengthy payment process means we often abandon purchases at the checkout. What if you could buy using just an email address and postcode? By separating ‘buying’ from ‘paying’, Klarna promises stress-free online shopping.

Location Northern Europe / North America

These days, we’re more likely to browse the web than a clothes rack, fuelling the rapid expansion of the e-commerce market. With the number of purchases from laptops and mobiles only set to grow, online shopping is predicted to represent 17.1% of total retail sales by 2020, increasing from 13.8% in 2015. [1]

Yet despite this, the experience of buying over the internet is yet to rival the simplicity of scanning a contactless card in-store. The lengthy process of entering personal information means that many consumers abandon ship before completing a sale. What if buying online was ...



  • Lydia becomes an alternative to cash payments in France Lydia becomes an alternative to cash payments in France

    Do you hate fumbling with change at the checkout? This is no longer a problem in France. An app named Lydia now lets its users send and receive money for free using just their smartphone – and the most recent update makes it easier than ever to make payments.

  • Article image Venmo: a social network for splitting the bill

    Whether it’s splitting the bill at a bar or sharing a cab fare home, paying your peers can be an awkward hassle. Mobile wallet app Venmo is changing this with a social media-style digital payment system that lets you instantly transfer money between friends. Could Venmo kill cash for good?

  • Article image Google Wallet: making cash transfers as easy as email

    Whether pinging your colleague a PDF or sending a mate an mp3, email attachments are the norm. And Google Wallet now allows UK users to attach cash to their emails, too. But in a financial landscape rife with privacy concerns, do people really want bank transfers to be as easy as sending an email?

  • Article image Apple Pay: seamless spending on and offline

    Apple is hoping that Apple Pay, a tap-to-pay service integrated into the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, will help it dominate the $79.2 billion-a-year digital payments market. But can Apple succeed where so many have failed before, and truly replace our wallets with our phones?