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  • Modern masculinity is about more than muscle
  • Modern masculinity is about more than muscle
    Silvia Sala, Creative Commons (2014) ©

What does being a man mean Down Under?

From Crocodile Dundee to Russell Crowe, there are plenty of archetypal images of Australian masculinity. But with men facing growing social pressure to look good and be emotionally available while continuing to fulfil traditional ideals, how are Aussie men handling the pressure?

Location Australia

As celebrity culture infiltrates suburban life and men’s bodies are portrayed as objects of desire in the media, men are paying more attention to their appearance than ever. In a Reddit thread asking ‘What’s the hardest thing about being a man?’, men listed being a single father, the pressure to fight, the (sometimes self-imposed) expectation to be the breadwinner and the societal expectations of masculinity as stressful aspects of manhood. [1]

The severe nature of the bush originally characterised Australian masculine attributes, before the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps traits – courage, endurance and sacrifice – ...



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